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Here you will find detailed information and answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Of course you can. However, be aware of the fact that you may have to wait for a while. Nobody likes waiting, that´s why we usually work with previously made appointments. Still, it´s always possible to phone us and ask about the currently estimated waiting time.

We are always happy to welcome a new client. Please bring all relevant documents with you, e.g. previous diagnoses and the vaccination certificate. At the clinic you fill in a patient registration form stating some gerenal information. If you prefer to fill in the form at home you can download it beforehand by clicking here.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card (Visa, Master)
  • Invoice (Depending on your creditworthiness; an extra free will be charged)
  • payment by installments (No extra cost if you pay within 4 months, for installments exceding 4 months (up to 48 months): Click here to find out more

We recommend, that you take the time for a preliminary examination and a preliminary interview. This way it will be possible to get to know your animal well and to find out all the details we need to know. We know from many years´ experience that there are often individual features or peculiarities that we should be informed about.
Thanks to this procedure we are able to plan and prepare the operation in the best possible way. Moreover, it will be far easier to thoroughly answer the questions you may have (e.g. type of disease, course of treatment, costs, risks, prognoses, etc) in the course of a personal conversation on the premises.

Depending on the type of surgery that has to be carried out there are a number of prerequisities/ preconditions that need to be met. We find it especially important to inform our clients in great detail. Click HERE to find a general overview that we have prepared for you.

On fetching your pet from the clinic a vet will give you detailed information concerning your individual case. Of course it´s always good to show your pet your love and empathy.

  • It is possible to bury your pet on your private property (if it is not located within a water protection area)
  • It is possible to have the body handed over to a third party, such as Anubis Inc., for example. This firm will then take care of the burial in a special cemetary for animals or the cremation. The ashes may be returned to you. If you prefer this solution, we can put you in touch upon request.
  • The body will be taken to the rendering plant.

Praise. You´d like to praise us? Don´t hesitate, go ahead. Tell us what you liked about us. We appreciate your positive comment. Just mail to Thank you very much.
Criticism. Nobody is perfect. Still, should you be dissatisfied with one of our services or a product, please tell us so. Criticism is important and we have to take it very seriously. Your complaint will be directly forwarded to the management. Please tell us your name and address (e-mail) so that we can get into personal contact / so we can contact you directly.

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