Our clinic

What to expect during your stay with us

Wartezimmer Tierklinik

Two seperate waiting rooms for dogs and cats and smaller animals respectively.

Our two spacious separate waitingrooms make waiting easier, especially if there are two „strong characters“ that might clash. So confrontations can be avoided and tensions can be calmed down. Of course there is water for your pet to drink and on raining days towels are furnished (to dry your animal friends fur)

Vorderansicht Tierklinik

Easy access – no barriers

We´ve got a large entrance and a spacious lobby, which makes access easy for older or disabled people (with wheel chairs) as well as for parents with prams.



Reading and Playing

Read one of the various magazines we offer for your convenience. The issues are always kept up-to- date!
In both waitingrooms, there is an interesting, well equipped playing corner. And for the smallest clients: We´ve also got a changing table for infants.

Use our free Wi-Fi Hotspot and save on your mobile data volume.




Getränke Tierklinik


It is very important to us that you and your pet feel at ease (in our clinic). While you are with us in order to make your visit as agreeable as possible, we offer the following services: Enjoy our various coffees.: plain coffee (black or white), Cappuccino, chocolate-coffee, and delicious teas.

And of course, help yourself to some fresh mineral water


Our Equipment

We don´t know the word standstill. Our medical equipment is always kept on a top level, according tot he latest standards. This includes our staff regularly taking further training courses in order to enlarge and refresh their medical knowledge. But that´s not everything. We also take a number of regular measures to assure and improve the quality of our work. And it´s all about you and your pet.
Personal und intensive care demands a lot of pre- and post-treatment activities. In other words, we always talk cases over together, exchange information and interact among specialists in order to find the most effective treatment and therapy for your furry friend. Much of this is done in the background and doesn’t emerge at first sight, but we can assure you that you will experience the difference. Come in and find out!

How it all began

The origins of the Tierklinik am Stadtpark go back to the fifties of the last century. Founded by Dr Schmitt in the year 1957 in Lindenaststraße, it was taken over in 1994 by Dr Raqué, the stepfather of current owner Mrs Franziska Siewers.

As the expanding business demanded more space, Dr Raqué moved the clinic to Schillerplatz, to the premises of an old brewery.

Due to plans for a new housing area on these premises, the clinic moved to ist current location in July 2010 into the thoroughly modernized and renovated building of a local supermarket in Tellstraße.