Team Categories: tierarzt

Carolin Becker


Carolin Becker is our new trainee since 2018

Dr. Eva Strüve


Dr. Eva Strüve is part of the team since 2015 with additional focus on reptiles and amphibiens.

Lisa Wagenblast


Ms Lisa Wagenblast started her training in 2017. So she is the most recent member of our staff. After work and school she cares about her cats Felix and Blacky.

Anne Rother


Ms Rother started her training with us in 2016. She is steadily acquiring all the relevant theoretical knowledge as well as the practical abilities and competences necessary for a good veterinary assistant. In her free time she is accompanied by her dog Debby.

Selena Knaupp


Ms Selena Knaupp started her training with us in 2015. By now she has been assigned a lot of responsible tasks and is a steady member of the team. At home she takes good care of her two cats Rusty and Raider.

Silvia Mutzke

Veterinary Assistant

Mrs Silvia Mutzke joined the staff in 2015. She is responsible for the nutritional diets at the clinic (during the patients´ stay). At the moment she is completing her education to become a professional nutritional advisor. In addition to that she is coordinating and watching over the education of our trainees. After work her cats Fritz and Maja are patiently waiting for Silvia at home.